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Shokhsanam Davlatboeva

“I picked R-loops because they’re the plot twists of plant genetics – just when you think you’ve figured out a plant’s story, they change the ending!”

the way R-loop formation regulates alternative splicing in plants, specifically examining its effects on gene expression in A. thaliana. The research includes studying how light influences R-loop formation and subsequent changes in splicing patterns. A key part of the project is altering the expression of the RNH1A gene to manipulate R-loop formation. This work aims to reveal clearer insights into the connections between R-loop formation and splicing outcomes.

I like climbing and swimming.

2021 – 2023: Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding (emPLANT+), Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (1st year, Agricultural Biotechnology, 2021-2022) and University of Milan (2nd year, Crop and Plant Sciences, 2022-2023).

2017 – 2021: Bachelor of Science in Biology, National University of Uzbekistan.


work in progress...