Lilith Ruis

“I decided to work on R-Loops since they play a crucial role in transcription as well as DNA damage making it a very versatile field with many translational approaches.”

for elucidating the mechanism, by which Casp8AP2 depletion triggers R-Loop formation and to decipher the cellular response(s) triggered by increased R-Loop formation. The first part of my project is aimed to uncover specifically how and where in the genome the R-loop formation is triggered upon Casp8AP2-depletion and what biological consequences the R-loops entail for the cells. Since R-Loop formation can also lead to DNA breaks within the cell, so another part of the project aims to determine, whether the triggered R-Loop formation upon Casp8AP2 depletion activates the DNA damage checkpoint signaling and if the DNA damage response is functionally important for S-phase accumulation.

I like hiking, pilates, reading, my cat.

2021 – 2023: Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg.

2017 – 2021: Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg.


work in progress...